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Crafit Furniture March exhibition is coming to an end!

Brand information
2021/03/19 20:30




Today, the 5-day "45th International Famous Furniture Exhibition (Dongguan)" came to a close. Crafit Furniture presented its new and upgraded masterpiece -- Inherit "Minimalist Modern Integral Furniture" in this grand event, which reappeared the unique value of the brand and attracted much attention.



Comprehensive renewal, brand strategy to upgrade





This is a feast of space and aesthetic quality, a journey of modern art exploration, but also a new interpretation of life concept. Inherit (Minimalist Modern Integral Household) in this exhibition continues the essence of minimalism design, inherits the fashion and light luxury style tone, and highlights the sense of value with strong solid wood elements. It is the first comprehensive exhibition of Crafit Furniture brand after systematic improvement in VI identification, product design, service mode and other aspects. No matter the overall image or partial display, the sincere intentions of the brand can be seen.








Carpenter build the best, wonderful live up to the period




Only concentrate on precipitation, to accumulate potential energy gorgeous transformation; Only by constantly improving, can we meet with you in a better attitude; Only by moving forward, can we stand in the highland of industry fashion. From the Furniture manufacturer to the whole home furnishing service provider, Crafit Furniture has always been rooted in the home furnishing industry with exquisite products and fashionable life proposition, and has achieved remarkable achievements. 【 Inherit 】 "Minimalist Modern Whole Furniture" is the achievement of Crafit Furniture to build an excellent brand with enough originality. Its excellent quality perfectly matches the lifestyle of the asset class, which has been praised by the visiting guests constantly!






Diversified innovation, boost the realization of value






Image refresh, strains in new means comprehensive innovation service system, in the era of consumption and aesthetic double upgrade, Crafit Furniture in product design, quality control, channel layout, user experience and so on has carried on the all-round ascension, and provide space for terminal planning, custom Furniture, finished product Furniture, soft outfit, display the entire case design services at an organic whole, make "innovation mode, fu can end" further the implementation of the business philosophy. In Zhejiang, in Shanghai, in Yunnan, in Guangdong... Inherit is sweeping the market like a prairie fire, and Crafit Furniture value is gradually being realized!




All the past is a prologue; All the future, can be looked forward to! The March exhibition of Crafit Furniture [Inherit] Minimalist and Modern Integral Household came to a successful conclusion, attracting new products, negotiating projects, cooperating channels... The harvest is full. Thank you for your support and love, Crafit Furniture will continue to make unremitting efforts to create a better life!