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"CRAFIT" is upgraded comprehensively, opening a new journey of brand development!

Brand information
2021/03/29 09:28



In March 2021 International Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition, Crafit launched a new brand image -- Crafit Home, based on the Inherit series, and comprehensively improved the VI logo, product design, store display, terminal service and other aspects, opening a new journey of brand development.



LOGO refresh



The new LOGO of "CRAFIT" adopts the combination form of Chinese and English, which deeply integrates the craftsman spirit into the corporate culture of "CRAFIT" and aims to build a century-old brand. The change of Chinese characters from "furniture" to "home furnishing" shows its pioneering spirit of constantly innovating service mode. The Chinese characters are characterized by Founder and Sanbao, symbolizing seek improvement in stability, steadfast and harmonious. The new LOGO as a whole is distinct and simple, more recognizable, and the brand fashion, exquisite aesthetic proposition in the same line, full of modern sense and vitality.




Product idea



"CRAFIT" has been deeply involved in the furniture industry for nearly 40 years, and has a profound background in the field of production and research and development, and enjoys high recognition in the market. Under the background of consumption and aesthetic double upgrade, "Crafit" household model can assign a brand transformation as a whole, with a forward-looking vision and internationalized vision high-end market positioning, design novel, the color is more fashionable, craft exquisite, size is more diversity, for users to bring a steady stream of, can meet the demand of individual household solutions, brand is very tension.




Store to upgrade



Terminal stores is the first card brand characteristics, brand culture, product design and in line with the brand gene and store image, the characteristic of "Crafit" will be in the store layout, product display, lighting rendering, door head design and product combination gradually upgrade, a new round of stores make it keeps the connotation of brand precipitation, incorporating more popular, fashion, tide and cool elements, build open and enterprising, young vitality international brand image.




Service upgrade



"CRAFIT" is committed to providing users with perfect home furnishing solutions. After years of research and development, accumulation and exploration and practice, it has built a mature entire customization system and stepped forward to the era of mass customization. At the same time, CRAFIT service system has also upgraded from finished products to whole cases. The whole case service system includes design, decorative panels, soft decoration, finished products and customized furniture, etc. At the same time, the standardization, industrialization, modular construction way to achieve the real integration of the whole case, better quality, efficient to meet the market demand.



Based on the new brand image and connotation, "CRAFIT" will seize the opportunity of The Times, make efforts to design innovation, model innovation, achieve steady expansion and development, and become a highly competitive brand in the home furnishing industry!